Consensus on Deolalikar's P vs. NP proof-attempt (via Scott Aaronson)

Haven't been blogging much recently, but I certainly need to post this link on Deolalikar's claimed proof of P ? NP:  Scott Aaronson saying (nearly a month ago) that a consensus has developed that it's fatally flawed.  Scott's post is worth reading in part as a preliminary guide to what you'd need to learn about to really tackle this problem---and what to do to increase your --- and others' --- confidence you'd actually solved it.

I think I already linked Richard Lipton's less conclusive "Fatal Flaws...?" post.   Lipton wrote another good post a few days later (a week after the proof was posted).  These lack a definitive statement that "it's dead" (one section is labeled "it ain't over till it's over".  Scott seems to have concluded on the basis of most of the same evidence that it was almost certainly over.  The fact that googling "Deolalikar proof" turns up nothing later than Aug. 12 on the first page (I see a broken link from Aug. 18 on the second page) also suggests it's dead.